Taking care of your pets is in many ways similar to taking care of your own family members. If you have recently adopted a new pet, or you're taking in a kitten or puppy in Escondido, CA, you'll want to find a veterinarian near you who can help you with the pet vaccines your animal needs. Visit us at Village Veterinary Hospital for the pet care your animal companion may need.


Why Pet Vaccinations Matter

Unfortunately, diseases run rampant among animals without proper care and vaccinations. Some of the most notable reasons to have your pet vaccinated, even if you do not intend to allow them to roam outdoors, include:

●             Preventative Care:Preventive care is important for a pet owner. When you want to prevent exposure to bacteria and even harmful viruses, vaccines can help.

●             Immunity: The use of widespread immunizations among pets in similar classes and breeds can significantly reduce the spread of infections and major outbreaks.

●             Rabies:  Rabies is an always fatal disease that pets can transmit to people.  Pets can catch rabies from wildlife including bats.  Bats can fit through slits as small as 1/4” so they can easily sneak into homes without us knowing. When they are sick with rabies they may act unpredictably or be unable to fly properly making contact with your pets much more likely.  Bat teeth are small and sharp so we may not even know when our pet was bitten by one.  So protect yourself as well as your pet against rabies and get your pet vaccinated.

As a pet owner, it can be important to understand the vaccination schedule for both puppies and elderly dogs as well as kittens and cats that are older.

Younger Pets

When you first adopt a kitten or a puppy, it is a good idea to bring him to a veterinarian near you to get them their series of vaccinations if they haven’t gotten them already. It can be important to have these vaccines administered while the pet is young to help make sure that they are protected.

Adult Cats and Dogs

It is recommended that healthy adult cats and dogs visit a local veterinarian near you at least once a year when they get their wellness exams, at which time they can receive any necessary vaccines. Some significant vaccines may require a booster every few years while others are every year, depending on certain factors.

Senior Dogs and Cats

Tending to senior dogs and cats will vary based on their breed, age, and current state of health. Previously diagnosed issues and/or underlying conditions can also play a factor in determining vaccinations that may be suitable. A tailored plan can be created once a veterinarian on our team has a better understanding of the health of your pet.

Get Preventative Care and Pet Vaccines from a Veterinarian Near You for Distemper, Rabies, and Parvo in Dogs and 3 Way Respiratory, Leukemia and Rabies in Cats

Whether your main concern is protecting your pet or making sure your pet is eligible for travel or boarding, working with our team at Village Veterinary Hospital can help protect your peace of mind as you know your pets are protected. From obtaining a traditional distemper shot to undergoing routine pet wellness exams, we at Village Veterinary Hospital in Escondido, CA, are here to help. We also offer leptospirosis, rattlesnake and influenza vaccines for dogs.  Call us at (760) 741-9999 for preventative and pet vaccines from a veterinarian near you for distemper, rabies, and parvo.