If you're a pet owner living in or around Escondido, CA, you will need to watch your pet's oral health to prevent tooth loss and prevent other issues from arising, such as painful gum diseases. At Village Veterinary Hospital, we will work with you to help ensure your animal receives the preventative care he needs to avoid unnecessary surgery or costly medication in the future.  


Significance of Pet Dental Care

At Village Veterinary Hospital, we understand the significance of dental care, even when it comes to your pets in the home. If you want to help ensure your pet's teeth remain healthy and strong for years to come, here are a few tips to remember and keep in mind.

Because preventative care matters, we at Village Veterinary Hospital recommend seeing a veterinarian for a pet dental checkup at least once a year. Seeing a vet regularly with your pet is a way for you to learn more about issues such as plaque buildup and gingivitis. Even as young as 3 years old about 80 per cent of pets have periodontal disease.  While some diseases and oral issues impact dogs and cats differently based on their breeds, it's essential to speak directly to your pet's vet to learn more about the best options to protect your animal's oral health at different stages in his life.

Dental Services for Animals

At Village Veterinary Hospital, we offer different dental services to help protect your animal's teeth and overall oral health, such as:

●          Cleanings: Removal of plaque, tartar, and other buildup can be important for your pet’s long-term oral health.

●          Diagnostics:  Dental x-rays are the best way to determine if any underlying conditions exist that are not currently visible to the naked eye. We also use tooth by tooth examination and measurements.

●          Surgeries: In extensive or serious cases, dental surgery may also be required for those who can’t use another less invasive solution.

●          Guidance: Receive ongoing guidance from a veterinarian on our team to help ensure you can protect your pet’s oral health into the future.

Get Preventative Care, Surgery, and Pet Dental Exams from a Veterinarian Near You for Dental Diseases

Maintaining proper dental care for your dog or car with professional dental exams is not only a way for you to prevent significant dental diseases from forming, but it is another form of Preventive care for your pet’s whole body. The infections that cause periodontal disease and tooth abscesses can enter the bloodstream and damage internal organs like the heart, kidney and liver.  If you want to avoid costly surgery for your pet in the future, seek a veterinarian near you who you can trust and rely on. At Village Veterinary Hospital in Escondido, CA, we can help ensure your pet's teeth and oral health are well-protected for many years to come, regardless of your pet's breed. Call us at (760) 741-9999 for preventative care, surgery, and pet dental exams from a veterinarian near you.