Prices & Offers

It is important to understand that in order to maintain high quality medical care and for legal reasons as well, many items price quoted below cannot be purchased alone, but require the purchase of other services. As much as possible, these requirements are noted. 

Service Price

Exam & Office Call


Service Price
Dog Vaccines
DHPP(Distemper-Parvo 4 way) 41.00
Bordetella 39.00
Rabies 30.00
Cat Vaccines
PureVax* FVRCP(3 way respiratory) 36.00
PureVax* FeLV(Leukemia) 43.00
PureVax* Rabies



*PureVax feline vaccines are the only non-adjuvanted feline vaccines which means they are the safest feline vaccines with lowest rate of reactions which include rare vaccine associated tumors with some vaccines.

Vaccines are not effective unless given to healthy pets. Therefore, a physical exam is required for your pet to get vaccines.

Service Price
Dog Neuter(male)*
Up to 25 pounds 220.00
26 to 45 pounds 240.00
46 to 65 pounds 275.00
66 to 85 pounds 305.00
More than 85 pounds 360.00
Dog Spay(female)*
Up to 15 pounds 325.00
16 to 25 pounds 375.00
26 to 45 pounds 450.00
46 to 65 pounds 525.00
66 to 85 pounds 600.00
86 to 105 pounds

More than 105 pounds

*The body weight used for determining dog surgery prices is from the hospital scale on the day of surgery.
Cat neuter(male) 150.00
Cat spay(female) 250.00


There are separate, significant additional charges if your pet is in heat, pregnant, or has large amounts of fat in the abdomen.

Pets must be at least 5 months old for spay or neuter surgery.

Pets 7 years or older require preoperative blood tests to check their anesthetic risk.

A physical exam only for anesthetic risk is included in all spays and neuters. If there are any problems you would like examined, there is an additional exam fee.

A pain injection at the time of surgery is included in all spays and neuters. However, there is an additional charge for pain medications to go home.

All pets must be current on vaccines.