Wellness Exams

Yearly Wellness Exams Are the Most Important Part of Your Pet’s Preventive Care

Preventive care is crucial for protecting your pet's well-being. Just like humans, pets need routine wellness exams to maintain optimal health. At Village Veterinary Hospital in Escondido, CA, we provide these comprehensive exams to identify any potential health concerns early and offer any necessary treatment.

Pet Wellness Exam

What to Expect during a Wellness Exam

During your pet's wellness exam, our veterinarians will conduct a thorough physical examination, carefully assessing its overall health. This includes checking vital signs like temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate, as well as palpating your cat or dog’s body for any abnormalities. Additionally, we will discuss your pet's lifestyle and diet with you and address any concerns you may have. Based on this information and the physical exam results, we may recommend additional tests. We may suggest bloodwork, fecal exams, or parasite screens for a better understanding of your pet’s health.

The Benefits of Routine Wellness Exams

Regular routine wellness exams can provide a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

●          Early detection of diseases: By identifying potential health concerns early, we can provide prompt treatment and help you manage chronic conditions.

●          Preventive care: We can recommend appropriate vaccinations, parasite control measures, and nutritional guidance to help prevent health problems for occurring in the future.

●          Extended lifespan: Early intervention and preventative care can significantly contribute to a longer and healthier life for your beloved companion.

●          Peace of mind: Knowing your pet is receiving the best possible care and that potential issues are addressed proactively can bring you significant peace of mind.


Pet's life span in years

Human life span in years

●          Your pet is aging 5 times as quickly as you are.

●          If your pet goes 2 years between physical exams, it's just like you didn't see your doctor or your dentist for TEN YEARS!

●          Vaccines are less effective or even harmful when given to unhealthy pets. Your pet can't talk and the physical exam can reveal problems you don't know about.

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At Village Veterinary Hospital in Escondido, CA, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive veterinary care for your furry family members. We believe that routine wellness exams are an essential part of responsible pet ownership. Contact us at (760) 741-9999 today to schedule your pet's next wellness exam and ensure they live a long and healthy life by your side. We also invite you to browse our website to learn more about our services or to visit us in person. When you’re seeking a veterinarian near me, our team looks forward to assisting you!


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