We at Village Veterinary Hospital provide a range of veterinary services to care for pets at different stages of life. Led by our veterinary team, we offer wellness, preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services for pets in Escondido, CA, and surrounding communities.


Wellness Exams

Preventive care is the key to pets living long, healthy, active lives. Annual wellness exams allow detection of diseases early when they are most treatable. We perform a nose-to-tail physical exam, discuss lifestyle needs, provide vaccines, and prescribe preventatives customized to your pet’s needs based on age, breed, health status, and other factors.

Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic testing helps us detect issues not identifiable on regular exams alone, so we can begin targeted treatment promptly. We have an in house laboratory with numerous tests available in under an hour if needed to help diagnose your pet quickly and get them on the road to recovery.  We also have digital xrays and ultrasound in house for imaging evaluations including available telemedicine capabilities allowing us to consult with specialists on your pet’s images, laboratory results and medical problems.

Urgent Care

If your pet experienced a traumatic injury, an acute illness, or another pressing health concern, we are available for urgent pet care and treatment during our open hours so your pet can get the treatment he needs. Please call first to make sure a doctor is available.


From spay and neuter to mass removal, a veterinarian on our team can leverage our tools and technology to help perform operations of different types and complexities. If your pet needs surgery to help restore or protect his health, we are here for you.

Dental Care

Regular dental cleanings and evaluations are an important part of pet wellness care. About 80 percent of dogs and cats develop periodontal disease by age 3, leading to bad breath, possible tooth aches, tooth loss, chronic pain, organ damage, and other problems if left untreated. Let us keep your pet’s teeth clean and his gums healthy. We also have digital dental xrays to help evaluate your pet’s teeth and have the special equipment and training needed to perform surgical extractions if needed.

Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Parasite infestations can quickly make your pets miserable with irritating symptoms while also transmitting dangerous diseases. The good news is that a veterinarian on our team can help prescribe parasite prevention or treatment to help restore your pet’s health.

Get Urgent Care, Diagnostics, Wellness Exams, Surgery, and Preventive Care from a Veterinarian Near You

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