Undergoing surgery will likely be a reality for your pet at some point in their life. As scary as the thought of your pet going under the knife is, there’s no need to worry if you’re working with a veterinarian on our team. Here at Village Veterinary Hospital, we handle different kinds of pet surgeries. Whether your pet needs surgery for preventative or urgent care, you can visit our hospital in Escondido, CA, for assistance.

Pet Surgery

What kind of surgical procedures can we perform? Learn more about those procedures by continuing below.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering are among the most common surgical procedures for pets. Pet owners are urged to get these procedures done to prevent pet overpopulation in their communities. Aside from helping control cat and dog populations, spaying and neutering are also helpful because they protect pets from potentially severe health conditions.

For instance, spaying reduces the risk of female pets developing uterine infections and breast cancer. Meanwhile, neutered pets enjoy better protection against prostate and testicular cancers. Both procedures also reduce the chances of your pet roaming, which lowers their risk of getting involved in fights and accidents.

Dental Surgery

Dental issues can be very difficult for pets to deal with. Because they experience pain every time they try to eat, your pet may start to lose their appetite. Those dental problems can also cause bacteria to accumulate in your pet’s mouth and that may eventually create more complications. The first sign of this may be bad breath.

A veterinarian on our team can help resolve your pet’s oral issues by surgically removing the damaged teeth if a simple cleaning won’t suffice.

Foreign Body Surgery

Your pet may need urgent care after ingesting a non-digestible item that is messing with his insides. More specifically, he may need foreign body surgery. Acting with urgency is a must if your pet has consumed something that can obstruct their internal organs. Even a temporary blockage can have fatal consequences, so removing the foreign object as soon as possible can be critical.

Get Spaying, Neutering, and Urgent Care from a Veterinarian Near You on Our Veterinary Team

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